Mission: Professional skills, innovations, creativity – is the way to successful career.

The research work with students is an integral part of teaching and educational process. In 2009 the scientific society «Ғылым шаһары» was formed on the base of college "Turan" to organize and carry out this kind of activity. The purpose of its creation is association of college students, capable to scientific search, interested in the increasing of the intellectual and cultural level, aspiring to extend their knowledge both in separate subjects, and in the field of modern scientific knowledge. The management of the scientific society is carried out by the Director of the Scientific and Methodical Work Y.Y. Zheltova. The activity of the society is planned and carried out according to the developed and confirmed statute. The organization of the research activity with students is completely based on the principles of individually-focused training, which are the basic, because they are defined by the methodical theme of the college.