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   Contest "Kazakh Aruy-2017" was held in the college of the University "Turan" on November 30, The main purpose was the popularization of national traditions and customs of the Kazakh people.

9 girls-participants took part in the Contest:

MahsotovaMadina, gr. SJ-17-3

TanirbergenNazym, gr. SA-16-1

Shansharkhan Diana, gr. SJ-17-1

Girenko Darya, gr. SJ-17-1

AkchulakovaAydana, gr. ST-15-1

AitzhanAynur, gr. ST-17-5

SaparbaiAygerim, gr. ST-17-5

SaideldinovaJasmina, gr. SA-16-1

AmangeldievaAilina, gr. ST-16-5

The jury consisted of:

1) The Head of the Department for Academic Affairs of the College of the University "Turan" –SagindykovaAssemAlimbatyrovna.

2) The Kazakhstan TV presenter, journalist and make-up artist - Olga Butko.

3) The Director of the beauty contest "Miss Almaty" - Lilia Baymuratova

4) The Student of the College “Turan”, Miss Almaty-2017- Azimbaeva Sabina.

5) The Commercial director of the health complex "Tau Turan" –AlimzhanovaSauleshBolatovna.

6) The teacher of economic disciplines of the college "Turan", the founder of the confectionery shop of home baking "2mams" - Sarkisyan Karina Yuryevna.

7) The Administrator and photographer of the photo studio "Turan" –RaushanSarieva

    It was very difficult for the jury to choose a girl who has not only external but also inner beauty. The knowledge of the Kazakh language, traditions, history, literature and customs was an indispensable component for victory.

    As the head of our state said: "Our national traditions and customs, language and music, literature and wedding ceremonies, in a word, the national spirit, must remain with us forever" in his article about the program "RukhaniZhangyru".

According to the results of all the stages of the contest, the winners were determined:

The 1st place - SaideldinovaJasmina, gr. SA-16-1

The 2nd place - Shansharkhan Diana, gr. SJ-17-1

The 3rd place - Girenko Darya, gr. SJ-17-1

We thank all the participants for their bright speeches and congratulate the winners!