Mission: Professional skills, innovations, creativity – is the way to successful career.

CORPORATION "Turan" – is the largest school of a full cycle of study in Kazakhstan and Central Asia:

Lyceum - college – Baccalaureate – magistracy - PHD

COLLEGE "Turan" – is an educational institution, founded in 2001 as a division of the institution of " Turan " University.

By the end of college, "Turan" is issued a state diploma on the basis of which the graduates can continue their education in the universities of Kazakhstan and abroad in related specialties with a reduced training period. The College operates in the field of technical and vocational education in accordance with the state license (№14003946 of 26 March 2014) for the professions in demand in the labour market.

Education in the College opens up the possibility of early professional self-determination, obtaining a profession, access to employment or further education.

College helps to solve one of the most important socio-economic challenges facing the country, to provide highly qualified and highly paid middle management personnel for growing economy of Kazakhstan.