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The discounts for tuition in the college of the University “Turan”.

The present provision is intended to organize a uniform procedure for granting discounts on payment in the college "Turan" students of secondary schools and college who participate actively in the activities of the corporation "Turan".

  1. The discounts are provided by the College "Turan" to promote the development of creative initiative of students, to enhance their educational activities, promoting successful learning.
  2. The discounts are provided to students of secondary schools, certificates’ holders who participate in the activities of the corporation "Turan" and received prizes.
  3. The discount is only for the first year of study.
  4. The discount may be different and set by the conditions of the event.
  5. The disabled of the 1st , 2nd , 3rd  groups and disabled children  have 50% discount for the whole period of study.
  6. The graduates of the school – Lyceum "Turan" have discount in amount of 30% of tuition fee for the first year of study.
  7. The school graduates, the holders of the medal "Altyn belgi" or  graduates who have the certificate of special sample they are provided 30% discount for the first year of study.
  8. 10% discount for applicants who have finished school on "4" and "5" (for the first year of study).
  9. The members of the Association "Turan-Zerde" have discount of 5% from payment for every year of education.
  10. If in the corporation "Turan" two or more children study from same family they will receive 10% discount for each one annually, according to the statement.
  11. The students of the College of the University "Turan" (full-time and correspondence Department) who have passed the examination in winter and summer session on "perfectly" to establish discount of 10% for reimbursement of training costs for the next academic year.
  12. The benefit referred to in paragraph 11 of this regulation, applies only to students who have passed all exams and tests during the session without retakes, defended the "excellent" course work and practice.
  13. This benefit does not cover:

A) in the last examination session;

B) the students who paid fees by the end of education.

  1. In the case of owning several discounts they are delivered by partial summation using the formula such as: 100%+50%+50%, etc. thus, the first discount is provided in full, all of the following are added to her in the amount of 50% of the set. Maximum total discount should not exceed 75%.
  2. The students have right for a benefit is required to take supporting documents to the accounting department of the college before the 1st of November of each  year. After the provided time limit, the right to benefits will be cancelled.


1.    In case of unsatisfactory student learning, academic debts,  a lot of absences without reasonable excuse, for violation of internal rules of the college and etc. College (supervisor of educational work, upbringing work, the supervisor, the decision of the pedagogical Council, etc.) has the right to cancel the benefits granted to the student.

2.    In the case of transfer to another college or school, the student with benefits (discounts) must compensate reimburse the amount of the incentives (discounts) in full for the entire period of study.