Mission: Professional skills, innovations, creativity – is the way to successful career.

Social partnership - a special type of interaction between educational institutions with entities and the labor market institutions, state and local governments, social organizations, aimed at the harmonization and implementation of the interests of all participants in this process.

The main social partners are employers - the main client for educational institutions of technical and vocational education.


Organization interaction of College with the social partners represented by the various departments, public organizations, services, businesses, the University "Turan" in order to improve the adequacy of college performance needs of the regional labor market.


- Approximation of training specialists to the requirements of the employer;

- The establishment of a college connection with the production;

- Assist in the employment of college graduates;

- Improving the quality of professional practice;

- Increase in the percentage of employment of graduates.

The content and forms of work:

- The organization and the passage of the study and practical training in the field with the mandatory provision of security conditions at each workplace.

- Conducting training excursion in the study of special disciplines.

- Involvement of experienced professionals to conduct review lectures.

- Carry out the enterprise "Lesson in production."

- Appointment of experienced chairmen final state certification commissions, supervisors, reviewers coursework.

- Conducting meetings of employees of enterprises and organizations with the students.

- Implementation of joint cultural events.

- Providing information about the college forecast of vacancies in the relevant enterprises.

- Assistance in employment of graduates.