Mission: Professional skills, innovations, creativity – is the way to successful career.

General description of the specialty

The name of specialty corresponds classifier of specialties of technical and vocational education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Standard term of development of vocational education program at the full-time education is:

  • On the basis of the main of general education – 2 years 10 months
  • On the basis of  secondary education – 1 year 10 months

Qualification of graduate – manager

Manager – leader or director who is in charge of certain area of activity of enterprises (HR manager, investment manager, PR manager, financial manager, risk manager, brand manager, accountant manager, sales manager), manager of a  project (project manager) or the whole company (senior manager).

Basic types of activities of a manger:



Marketing and supply       

Staff development

The manager should be able to:

  •  organize the process of effective customer service;
  • design the   structure of commercial premises and placing of equipment
  • work with laws and regulations in  the field of management, economics, management, planning;
  • hold interviews with the candidates for vacant position and to sign an employment contract;
  • take decision of  management issues, use different types and management style;
  • use ECM for keeping and processing economic information.

Specification of the profession.

With the advent of market relations and  high competition our country has become to need progressively in strong managers and leaders. Companies and firms realize that without effective, competent and able to understand and to rally the team of top managers of enterprises will not succeed. 

Until recently, to define who is the manager   - was quite simple. Nobody especially did not amplify on this term, as they almost did not differ from the rank- and- file employees, having only a specific mission. But now everything has changed: rising giants - companies, consumers are great on the service; competitors are trying to create something that others do not have. The value of an experienced manager is becoming more of a necessity than a formality.

So, what is the modern definition of a manager? The manager - a professional business expert, who keeps in hand   two or more employees, assumes responsibility for the management and achieves effective results.

The modern manager must be able to deal with stress, to lay stress on permanent personal growth, to affect on others, to go toward the justified risk, do not afraid of innovation, to strive to achieve the goal.

Thus, management – is a science which teaches to manage people, making the unbridled crowd into an effective team.

Objects of professional activity of a manager:

• Companies of trade and services (shopping centers, hyper and supermarkets and other shops, hotels, entertainment centers, tourist agencies, advertising agents, restaurants and cafes);

• Provision and household cell of production enterprises, financial institutions and public administration systems.

Types of professional activity of a  manager:

- Mid-level manager;

- Specialist of human resources;

- Planning consultant, control and accounting, accountability, marketing and supply