Mission: Professional skills, innovations, creativity – is the way to successful career.

General description of the specialty

The name of specialty corresponds classifier of specialties of technical and vocational education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Standard term of development of vocational education program at the full-time education is:

  • On the basis of the main of general education – 2 years 10 months
  • On the basis of  secondary education – 1 year 10 months

Qualification of graduate – financial economist

Financial economist – specialist in the field of economy, expert of economic issues.

Specification of the profession.

The objects of professional activity of  financial economist are:

analysis and planning, taking into account the financial activities of organizations of different legal forms of ownership.

The graduate should know:

legislative and other normative legal acts, methodological materials on the organization of financial work;

economy of production procedure of borrowing and using their own funds, issuance and purchase of securities;

methods of management, the basis of legislation on pensions, labor regulations and safety standards;

The graduate should be able to:

practice computing at work for financial settlement and accounting of funds of the organization;

determine the amount of income and expenses, income and deductions of funds, the relationship with the organization of the tax authorities, banks, constitute the balance of income and expenditure;

develop, on the basis of technical and economic parameters of the production plan, promising projects and financial plans, forecasts, cash flow in the organization.

The main types of  activities:

Works in the planning, financial and statistical bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations. Solves problems related to the planning, organization and analysis of economic activities of enterprises and institutions, the organization of workers in the workplace. Checks registration statements for certain types of accounting, feasibility work planning, logistics, sales, material and labor costs.