Mission: Professional skills, innovations, creativity – is the way to successful career.

General description of the specialty

The name of specialty corresponds classifier of specialties of technical and vocational education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Standard term of development of vocational education program at the full-time education is:

  • On the basis of the main of general education – 2 years 10 months
  • On the basis of  secondary education – 1 year 10 months

Qualification of graduate – accountant-inspector (auditor)

Accountant – is a specialist trained for professional activities of accounting software and analysis of properties, obligations business operations for enterprises, in organizations, institutions, independent of their procedural and institutional norm.

Basic types of activities of an accountant: accounting and analytic, financial- control.

An accountant should be able to:

  • documentary form post to accounting of operations connected with asset transaction goods and material assets, funds;
  • analyze   the economic and financial activities of the organization;
  • estimate the liquidity and financial solvency;
  • use computing technics for accounting and financial processing.

Specification of the profession.

Accountant - a profession out of fashion and out of time: the expert who is able to fix up the profit and loss, is necessary in any sphere of activity. If you know the mathematics well, able to confide in drawing up the reports, you are patient, organized and attentive, do not be assured: you will become simply irreplaceable in an accounting profession. Popularity of specialty "Accounting and audit" is unsurprisingly; none of business - from nursery school till oil-refining group is not possible to imagine without an accountant. Even though there are two people on a full-time basis, one of them is an accountant. The qualification of accountant-inspector you can get while learning at college.   Of course, an accountancy is taught at the higher education institutions but most people who know rest and the balance began to learn from secondary vocational and… not often stopped – such preparation is enough   to work in not big companies.

Study of an accountant   requires a lot of discipline and perseverance - all majors discipline in one way or another connected with numbers, calculations and tables. Accounting easier given to those who are fluent in mathematics and has an ample supply of patience and care. From the general professional disciplines, students learn the basics of economic theory, organization and technology industry, Microeconomics, Accounting, etc. From specialty subjects - accounting, finance and credit, the international system of accounting, audit, taxes and taxation, and many others, one way or another related to the accounting and cash flow. Along with the theory of future accountants during training must master the specialized computer programs, including the "1C: Accounting", work with spreadsheets and databases. Get ready for the fact that without this knowledge of computer literacy will become a "dead weight". At the end of the college graduate can count on a post of assistant accountant in a small company. Further career - a matter of time. Much depends on the aspirations of newly accountant. A large percentage of students yesterday again sit down at the desk to get a higher education. However, many college graduates tend to become not only highly qualified accountants, as economists, specialists in the field of finance, and to continue their education choose one of economic specialties of high school.