Mission: Professional skills, innovations, creativity – is the way to successful career.

General description of the specialty

The name of specialty corresponds classifier of specialties of technical and vocational education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Standard term of development of vocational education program at the full-time education is:

  • On the basis of the main of general education – 3 years 10 months
  • On the basis of  secondary education – 2 years 10 months

Qualification of graduate – programming technician

Programming technician –is a specialist who is willing to professional work on the development, modification, adaptation, adjustment and maintenance of the software as a technician in the organizations (enterprises) from various industries, regardless of their organizational and legal forms.

The main types of equipment operations:

- Information technical

- Economic and information accountable  analytical

- Financial control

A technician should be able to:

- Develop a software algorithm to accomplish the task;

- To create software for the developed algorithm;

- Debug and test software;

- Assess the cost-effectiveness of the created software;

- To carry out the modification, adaptation and customization of software;

- Perform the functions of maintenance of software;

- To carry out the development and maintenance of network applications;

- Ensure effective implementation of application packages;

- Implement the functions of information security software.

Characteristics of the profession

According to analysts, IT-sphere - one of the most dynamically developing. With the growing number of companies are growing and the demand for highly qualified personnel, including technical.

Get the vocational education in the area of ​​information technology offered by many colleges. This is due to the lack of maintenance on the labor market specialists in computers and office equipment, networking equipment, wiring and testing of the network. For such work necessary to have a university degree, is sufficient professional knowledge and experience, which can be obtained in three to four years of college.

Field of vocational education related to information technology for several years occupied top positions in the list of preferences of students of secondary vocational schools.

On the specialty "Information Systems" prepare technicians for companies producing and servicing computer systems and networks. Students learn to work with algorithms, mathematical models, learn the basics of programming. After graduating from college graduates willing to take a software tester. These specialists check the finished program, fix bugs in it and shortcomings.

"Information Systems" - a specialty in demand in almost all sectors. Industry, banking, education, trade, real estate - in any of these areas are functioning single database that must be, to establish and maintain. Principles of work with systems in different areas can vary greatly, so there are specialized by industry - trade, catering, etc...

Professionals in the field of information technology will be in demand, probably forever. You will be able to work in the IT-departments of enterprises, media companies, service providers, etc. However, their knowledge is necessary to constantly improve - IT sphere is constantly evolving.

Technical and professional education can also serve as a stepping stone for you to higher: college graduates have the opportunity to continue their education in high school on a shortened program.